Music Performance Agreement

  1. Irvine’s Just Beyond Paradise provides a location for the performing music artist to play their own”Original Music” only. Original music is defined as music that you, the songwriter and composer, hold 100% of the copyright. Music that is owned by other persons or entities is not permitted without written permission from all the copyright owners (songwriters, composers, and publishers) of the music to be performed.
  2. The performing music artist for this performance further agrees to not register the performance at Irvine’s Just Beyond Paradise with any PRO organization as well as waive any performance rights royalties for their performance at Irvine’s Just Beyond Paradise. The artist agrees to obtain permission from all copyright owners (songwriters, composers, and publishers) that happen to own a share of any recorded music to be performed and agree to waive all performance rights royalties.
  3. If the performing music artist violates the previous points, such as not obtaining the proper permissions from all copyright owners of the original work, they will be responsible for all legal fees and damages associated with this violation.
  4. Irvine’s Just Beyond Paradise has the right to record the performance for our protection only, not for distribution.
  5. Compensation for the performance that is agreed to by both parties prior to the performance date, will be paid by Irvine’s Just Beyond Paradise at the completion of the performance.
  6. In case of emergency: If the music performance cannot proceed due to acts of God including but not limited to excessive wind, hail, storms, snow, rain or other natural disasters and terrorism the music performance will be rescheduled at the earliest time with both parties agreeing to a new date and time. Likewise, if the performing music artist becomes sick or is in an accident and cannot perform, the performance will be rescheduled at the earliest time agreed by both parties. No compensation will occur until after the performance is completed.
  7. If performing music artist listed above, fails to communicate, or does not show up for the agreed to performance date, they will forfeit the compensation listed above and will not be permitted to perform at Irvine’s Just Beyond Paradise in the future.
  8. All disputes arising under this agreement shall be resolved by binding arbitration before one arbitrator in Lawrence, KS. The award of the arbitrator shall be final and can be enforced in any court in Kansas. The prevailing party shall be entitled to recover their reasonable attorney’s fees.